Using a lens for Basketball Photography is a must to capture players as accurately as possible.┬áThis lens must meet many criteria and be very responsive to freeze moving subjects and capture the action, even when it takes place at the other end of the field.┬áTo achieve this level of performance, find out without delay which […]

I can confidently say that of all the lenses I have tested so far, this is the only one that beats the Konica Minolta AF Zoom 75-300mm F4.5-5.6. There are many options, but this is definitely my favorite. We have all been in the scenario where we had the opportunity to take the perfect photo […]

If you are looking for lenses for night photos and for photographing the stars, in this ranking we help you to understand which are the best astrophotography lenses to buy, divided by price and cameras. Photographing at night is one of the most difficult challenges to complete, we know that in photography light is the […]

Car photography is a very demanding genre that requires many qualities to be a good photographer. It requires an eye for composition, an intuitive understanding of lighting, and the ability to imagine in advance how the photo will look. It also requires technical knowledge because you cannot get close to the subject; if you cannot […]

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